POLGÁR Időjárás


As of August 2014 TOM TAILOR has had a new brand image. The purpose is to articulate the strengths and the statement of the brand even more clearly. By rethinking the main brand, TOM TAILOR now positions itself as a “New Urban Player”, to which a new brand promise is attached: “Life is a game, play it, be confident, dress in style”.

The new TOM TAILOR WOMEN, MEN and KIDS styles are more sophisticated, more clear-cut and more fashionable. At the level of collections the new brand is represented by the fusion of the three collection worlds, which ensure a diverse appearance. Thus with its confident and modern style the Authentic Urban Wear acts as the major collection. This style is defined by leisurely, sporty, natural and authentic appearance and is connected to the central brand of TOM TAILOR the most closely. Contemporary Urban Style represents High Fashion with its straightforward and clear-cut message. The appearance is confident, trendy, elegant, stylish, modern, not too diverse in colours, and is made of a variety of fabrics and quality levels. College Sports mainly means casual clothing with sporty design elements. The style is sporty with fine lines, representing the American college style in its details, it has a fresh, cheerful selection of colours, it is loose and comfortable, embodying that campus atmosphere. The three lifestyle worlds are not independent, but cover a full collection concept that is combinable.

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