POLGÁR Időjárás


1973. In Hungary the postal codes are introduced. After the United States and Vietnam sign the peace treaty in Paris, the last American solder leaves Vietnam. The AC/DC is formed, and in London, under Notting Hill, and with the lazily pulsating rhythm of reggae, Pepe Jeans is created.

At this time fashion was less defined by marketing and money, and therefore London designer Nitin Shah and siblings Arun and Milan dreamed some jeans full of details for those who got bored with the multitude of boring, plain jeans.

37 years later, Pepe Jeans is present in 60 countries with 7,000 wholesalers, 300 stores, and has remained faithful to the original aim: to make jeans that are a challenge to youth fashion. The popularity of Pepe Jeans did not go unnoticed in Great Britain, and then from the 1980s on it made its first steps towards the international market.

Its popularity keeps growing, no wonder Victoria Beckham, Asthon Kutcher, Christiano Ronaldo and Sienna Miller have given their names and faces to the advertising campaigns.

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