POLGÁR Időjárás


GAS is an Italian brand famous for its outstanding quality apparel, owned and controlled by the Grotto family even today.

The fashion career of the founder of the company, Claudio Grotto, started at the beginning of the 70s. The visibility of the brand is increased by the 3,000 points of sale located in 56 countries. The company has a strong vertical sales strategy used all over the world.

The double rainbow logo, which incorporates all the primary values of the brand - harmony, positivity and vitality – were inspired by the magical sight of two rainbows crossing one another in the sunlight.

Claudio Grotto, the founder and head of the company was witness to this natural phenomenon following a storm in Cape Town, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. This double rainbow logo is the guiding star of the Grotto company when it comes to creating collections and international brand communication strategies.

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